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US-6359672-B2: Method of making an LCD or X-ray imaging device with first and second insulating layers patent, US-6345994-B1: Circuit board support clip patent, US-5415442-A: Stabilized center-shoulder-sealed tubular connection patent, US-6007815-A: Anti-idiotype vaccination against diseases resulting from pathogenic responses by specific T cell populations patent, US-6085754-A: Cardiac disease treatment method patent, US-5624714-A: Method for waterproofing rigid structural materials patent, US-6415003-B1: Digital baseline wander correction circuit patent, US-5684561-A: Device and method for evaluation of refraction of the eye patent, US-5448442-A: Motor controller with instantaneous trip protection patent, US-5622439-A: Ink-supply tank for a dot matrix printer patent, US-5963975-A: Single chip integrated circuit distributed shared memory (DSM) and communications nodes patent, US-6095867-A: Method and apparatus for transmitting power and data signals via a network connector system including integral power capacitors patent, US-6368812-B1: Process for determining the agonist or antagonist of galanin receptor (GALR3) patent, US-4580134-A: Color video system using data compression and decompression patent, US-5112380-A: Preservative for plants comprising alkenylphosphonic acids and, optionally, dipicolinic acid patent, US-6142858-A: Backup pad for abrasive articles patent, US-6715284-B1: Zero-turn transaxle with mounted return to neutral mechanism patent, US-6113323-A: Plunge router sub-base alignment patent, US-5509882-A: Decanter centrifuge having an offset conveyor flight to aid rinsing patent, US-5637168-A: Apparatus and method for making flexible tubing with helically wound heating conductor patent, US-4855523-A: Catalyst and process for the selective dimerization of propylene to 4-methyl-1-pentene patent, US-6103053-A: Method for making a slip-resistant cover system patent, US-6129318-A: Ergonomic computer mouse workstation patent, US-6193074-B1: Conveyor for the sorting of mixed cargo patent, US-6181807-B1: Methods and related apparatus for fingerprint indexing and searching patent, US-6763539-B1: Nursing pillow and methods patent, US-6249570-B1: System and method for recording and storing telephone call information patent, US-5661808-A: Stereo enhancement system patent, US-6251871-B1: P16 expression constructs and their application in cancer therapy patent, US-5591606-A: Process for the production of A83543 compounds with Saccharopolyspora spinosa patent, US-6207763-B1: Application of disubstituted ethylene-maleimide copolymers in rubber compounds patent, US-6464462-B2: Gas turbine bucket wall thickness control patent, US-6251580-B1: Synthetic media for blood components patent, US-5320503-A: Infusion device with disposable elements patent, US-6476589-B2: Circuits and methods for synchronizing non-constant frequency switching regulators with a phase locked loop patent, US-3812306-A: Switching mechanism patent, US-3826623-A: Exothermic gas generator patent, US-3830713-A: Electrolytic treatment of metal surfaces to electrodeposit alumina patent, US-389561-A: Color-printing machine patent, US-390383-A: Automatic advertising device patent, US-404861-A: pfannkuche patent, US-40971-A: Improvement in vegetable-cutters patent, US-4128602-B1: patent, US-418666-A: Max ams patent, US-423833-A: Metallic keg patent, US-437590-A: Latch patent, US-4396675-B1: patent, US-442725-A: Brenner patent, US-4436034-A: Smoke grenade with successive slow and fast burning charges patent, US-449627-A: Half to edward smith patent, US-451860-A: Indicator for saw-mills patent, US-452546-A: Wind apparatus for generating electricity and charging secondary batteries patent, US-4596900-B1: Phone-link linked tone-operated control device patent, US-4789789-A: Event distribution and combination system patent, US-48918-A: Improvement in annealing and polishing sheet-iron patent, US-491769-A: Retort-lid patent, US-500091-A: Bed-chair patent, US-513046-A: Ments patent, US-529737-A: William lash patent, US-529776-A: Well-tiling coupler patent, US-554795-A: Laundering apparatus patent, US-557901-A: Child s folding bed patent, US-558561-A: Stove-truck patent, US-582208-A: Thomas jennings patent, US-584422-A: Island patent, US-594229-A: Lock for stop-cocks patent, US-599114-A: taylor patent, US-603012-A: Frederick j patent, US-608090-A: wells patent, US-610366-A: Cash register and indicator patent, US-611792-A: ofeldt patent, US-616648-A: Island patent, US-617236-A: Fishing-tackle patent, US-622520-A: mcconnell patent, US-624400-A: Channeling-com minuter patent, US-632528-A: Fireproof structure. patent, US-634183-A: Type-writer. patent, US-634752-A: Bicycle-tire valve. patent, US-637307-A: Lumber-drier. patent, US-638017-A: Lock-rod for cards. patent, US-640283-A: Electric furnace. patent, US-646453-A: Disk harrow. patent, US-648515-A: Projectile. patent, US-649309-A: Combination metal-working machine. patent, US-657722-A: Means for controlling excitation of boosters or generator-fields. patent, US-67451-A: Improved method of splicing railroad-rails patent, US-3846577-A: Electrical splice patent, US-3870706-A: 6H-S-TRIAZOLO{8 4,3-a{9 {8 1,4{9 BENZODIAZEPIN-6-ONES patent, US-4060007-A: Clutch teeth patent, US-4080830-A: Pressure transducer patent, US-4137310-A: Method for the control of cattle grubs employing a phenylene bis[imino(thio]carbonyl)diphosphor(thio)-amidic acid ester patent, US-4232971-A: Integrating sphere type standard light source device patent, US-4348562-A: Position sensitive mercury switch patent, US-4386075-A: Renally active tetrapeptides patent, US-4517106-A: Soluble surfactant additives for ammonium fluoride/hydrofluoric acid oxide etchant solutions patent, US-4518164-A: Video game control console patent, US-4544943-A: Stabilized color television subcarrier regenerator circuit patent, US-5032779-A: Driving circuit for stepping motor patent, US-5069982-A: Mixed phosphor x-ray intensifying screens with improved resolution patent, US-5258121-A: Waste treatment with nitrate removal patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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